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Located in South Surrey,  High Street complex. One Touch Hearing was created to ensure a rich and memorable patient experience. We adjust your hearing aids according to your needs that are specifically designed for you.

This evaluation is done by means of in situ measurements (measurements at the eardrum) to satisfy your ears' anatomical and physiological particularities as well as your lifestyle.

 Our goal is to create a system that eases the complications of a Hearing care professional to patient experience. At One Touch, we offer a variety of languages including English French, Arabic and Spanish. Moreover, if one is unable to travel, our services can be offered directly at your home.

We offer different models of hearing aids, accessories, and hearing protection at the cutting edge of technology.

Finally, we provide regular monitoring of your hearing health as well as maintenance of your hearing aids.

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Why One Touch?

Our reason for existence is to allow you to hear life, and understand speech. This is executed through our motivation and determination during your hearing rehabilitation.

Our ethic is simple: to give the best of ourselves for everyone, and to be always up to date with the technologies and recommendations of fittings worldwide.


Mahmoud Chibani

Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner (RHIP)

 It all started with a promise made by a grandson to his grandmother who was deaf due to otosclerosis and presbycusis.


"Grandma, when I grow up, I will remedy your handicap situations".

This is the promise I made to my grandmother when I was a child.

Having been raised by a doctor, I had in mind to study medicine to follow in my father's footsteps and keep this promise. Later on, seeing the growing need for audio prosthetic services, I dedicated my education to hearing.

Originally from North Africa and not having access to a school that provides the course, I took the decision to leave to train abroad. After a long search that led me to learn the language of Goethe for a course in Germany, I finally opted for a French education in the great Canadian north.


It was in Quebec, at the Cégep de la Pocatière that I began my studies.


During my college years, I took the opportunity to get involved in student life in different committees and associations, being president of the student association and being a committee member for causes that I care about, such as human rights with Amnesty International, the fight against sexual harassment.


Having the will to give back to my host society, I have decided to settle in British Columbia to bring my personal touch to the profession that I have made my vocation.


I have at heart the well being of the elderly people who preceded us, educated us, and built our contemporary society. I consider my customers as members of my own family. This promise made to my grandmother to improve her quality of life I keep it with each of my patients.

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