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Why Us?

One-Touch Hearing was created for the purpose of positively impacting the community of hearing. Each of our hearing care professionals have a goal and passion to help as many individuals across Canada.

Our hearing care professionals are well known in the area because of their high-quality service. They care about supporting your needs as well as your family and friends on your journey towards better hearing.

Our clinic is the only clinic in the lower mainland that offers 3D digital scanning of the ear. We  offer premium quality products with our new and amazing 3D scanner


Starts with a Hearing Test

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Schedule a consultation for a hearing test for further evaluation of your hearing 

Identify Next Phase

Further discuss a personalized treatment plan that provides the best support for you and your hearing needs

Receive continuous support

Our ethic is simple, we treat clients like our family. Our continuous care will help provide you with a better hearing lifestyle simply with One Touch of a button

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